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Information about Private Universities

Information about the portal Private Universities

  Private Universities is a portal for bachelor, master and mba-degrees. If your university is absent, you may inform us and we will add your name to the list.  
General names must lead to general information
This portal is a Dutch portal aimed at applying the principle that general names for domains must lead to general information.

The educational portal is ready to work together with people who want to explore this idea. Information is available via mail@fons-vernooij.nl.
Tariffs for names and banners
If you want a link to your own website this can be arranged for 80 euro per year (ex. VAT). If you want a banner, this will cost you 150 euro per year (ex. VAT). Information: mail@fons-vernooij.nl.
Information about the owners
To register URL’s Fons Vernooij founded Adviesbureau CASA. CASA is an acronym for: Computer Assisted Study At home. One of the projects is In Casa: INnovation in Compter Assisted Study At home. Fons Vernooij worked as assistant professor at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. His publications can be found on a research site. At this moment he is working on these sites as pensionado.
Are you active in education?
If so, then your university should be on the site Private-universities.eu .
Choose a website that is most profitable for your public relations.
Look at the advantages of being present.

All sorts of advantages once you place a link:

You`ll meet thousands of visitors.
You can create your own imago by placing a logo.
You`ll get a direct hyperlink to the website of your own summer school.
You can install deep links to specific pages or sites.
You`ll get a high exposure for a reasonable price.
You can bargain a special price if you choose for a package-deal.
Contact us
Do you want exposure for a full year?
Contact us. A name with a link will cost you € 80 a year (ex VAT).
The price for a logo is € 150,- a year (ex VAT).
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